About us

BCM Kimyevi Maddeler is founded by young and a professional team with over 15 years of experience on 2011. Set out the philosophy “Reliable Supply” since the beginning, BCM Kimya, today serves actively its customers in Turkey, Turkic Republics, Eastern Europe and Africa.

BCM Kimyevi Maddeler, with a product portfolio focused on Detergent – Cosmetics – Industrial Cleaning Industry, Floor Coating, Plastic, PolyurethaneSlabstock Foam,Polyester and Resin industries, also comes up with tailor-made solutions to it’s customers’ need for chemicals raw materials.

In today’s global economy which grows, changes and renews itself quickly, the importance of the chemical raw materials for manufacturers is increasing every day. For this reason, working with the right and reliable supplier for chemical raw materials became one of the first requirements of being a step ahead in the global competition.

As BCM Kimyevi Maddeler, we give you the chance to focus on your business by getting rid of the chemical raw material processes such as financial, operational, quality control etc.

We believe there are four important elements within the “Reliable Supply” philosophy.

  • High-Quality Product
  • Affordable Price and Finance
  • Fast and Timely Supply
  • Flexible Solutions

High-Quality Product:

We guaranty that the product will be within the specs and quality. We avoid any trouble that may occur by controlling every process carefully.

Affordable Price and Finance:

In the global economy, raw material prices are changing constantly. By constant follow-up on the price changes, we inform our clients and make sure the cost of production is minimally affected.

Fast and Timely Supply:

We are fully aware that even an hourly delay on production can be very costly. That’s why we make sure that doesn’t happen by keeping a constant dialog with our customers.

Flexible Solutions:

Not every company need is the same. So we come up with flexible solutions that would fill your requirements for product and financial options.

BCM Kimyevi Maddeler is at your service with it’s young, dynamic and professional team in order to transform chemical raw material supply from being a problem to an opportunity. 

To get to know a “reliable supplier”  please contact us.